Tai Chi is like dance, there is always something to learn. At each phase of our lives, we look at it differently. And do it differently. We change as we do Tai Chi, and our Tai Chi changes as we do it.

I began practicing Tai Chi in New York, in 1980, with friends. I continued in Paris at the École de la Main d’Or, with Pierre Lapébie, in 1988, with whom I continue to study. Seven years ago I began to teach Tai Chi regularly at the Maison des Associations in the Pré-Saint-Gervais. It is important to me to continue the teaching that I received from Pierre, and to maintain the spirit which characterizes his dojo : with openness and concentration in a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone advances at their own speed, and where there is no cult built around the « master ». We can work well, with respect for Tai Chi, without taking ourselves too seriously.

A few phrases collected at the École de la Main d’Or, to share :

« Learn the form, to then forget it.»

« The waist or centre is between the Earth (with its forms), and the sky (without form). Thoughts, the mind, are without form, this is life energy. When a thought comes, observe it, then let it go : this is presence. »

« We must accept change. But if everything is in transformation, we do not have to endure everything. We can modify things to better accept them. »

« Transformation grows from inside. Nourish the inside to have an influence on the outside. »

«We need the invisible in order to evolve : what we see, a person, a flower, is nothing without breath, or the sun… »

« Be concentrated, but don’t cut yourself off from that which surrounds you. We do Tai Chi to be in relation to others. »

« In other martial arts, we step to the side to avoid the other. In Tai chi, we remain facing the other : if we dodge, we will never encounter the other ; if we avoid our double, our dark side, we will never face it. In Tai Chi, we are face to face with ourselves. »

« Slow down, to create silence, in the present instant. The search has no object.»

« Practice Tai Chi with love and pleasure. Attentive, diligent and aware. »